Some of my invited talks.

  • New Results on the SymSum Distinguisher on Round-Reduced SHA3.
    • India Crypto Meet July 16-17, 2020 Organised by MSR and IIT Madras Website – Slides

  • The Curious Case of Embedding Yoyo within Boomerang
    • International Crypto Webinar 2020 August 26-30 Organized by ISI Kolkata, WBSU, IAI Website

  • Auto-May-Tick: Automated Cryptanalysis for Lightweight Ciphers.
    • Lightweight Cipher Design Workshop October 2, 2020 Organized by Data Security Council of India

  • The Story of Alice, Bob and Linux.
    • National e-Workshop on Linux Fundamentals 2020 December 5, 2020 Organized by Department of Information Technology, Women’s College, Agartala

  • Automated Reasoning …How would it’s transforming security decision making. Panel Discussion
    • Security Education, Research and Innovation’ (SERI) Conference 2020 December 14, 2020 Organized by Data Security Council of India