My Crypto Task Force with whom I share my passion for Crypto!
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Current Students

  • Sahiba Suryawanshi (PhD, TCS Research Scholar) Cryptanalysis of SHA3
  • Satyam Sachan (BTech 2021, Accepted MS@Purdue) Cryptanalysis of SHA3
    • Interns
      • Anup Kundu (MTech, ISI Kolkata) Symmetric-Key Cryptanalysis
      • Ashim Manna (MTech, ISI Kolkata) Analysis of SHA3 Based Constructions

Project Personnel

  • Dr. Pabitra Pal (Project Scientist, 5G Security) Digital Watermarking
  • Anindya Ganguly (Project Associate, ECC Standardization) Post-Quantum Crypto: Multivariate Crypto
  • Satanu Maity (Project Assistant, Secure USB)
  • Aman Verma (Project Assistant, Secure USB)

Past Students

  • Aikata (Btech Hons 2020) - Fault Analysis Attacks - Doctoral Student TU Graz
  • Banashri Karmakar (MTech 2020) - Lightweight Crypto - Software Engineer, Radisys India Pvt. Ltd
  • Ahaan Dabholkar (BTech 2020) - Web Security -Atonarp Micro-Systems
  • Harshvardhan Patel (BTech 2020) - System Security - Atonarp Micro-Systems
  • Bharath v. Gottumukkala (BTech 2020) - Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte


  • Mostafizar Rahmar (Doctoral Student, ISI Kolkata)
  • Anubhab Bakshi (PhD, NTU Sigapore)