Indigenous Secure USB Dongle

Secure USB Dongle and ECC Standardisation.
Funded by MeitY (INR 37 Lakhs)

Design and Deveopment of PKI based USB Token

The idea here is to indegenously develop and manufacture a secure USB token/dongle based on Public-Key Infrastucture (PKI). The scope of the project is to design and develop an enterprise one card solution based on SCOSTA Smartcard operating system comprising of a suite of applications. The solutions developed will be compliant to ISO 18000–6C and ISO7816 standards.

Smartcards offer a secure and convenient form-factor on which employees can carry digital credentials for accessing facilities, buildings, computers and network resources. This will provide the ability for an employee to carry both physical and logical access credentials on a single card. Adding to the significance of smartcards, the same card can also be used for employee identification, Biometric credentials and potentially a multitude of other applications, Patient ID and records, library management, financial transactions etc.

This project also aims to indigenously develop ASIC for the Smartcard Controller. The SCOSTA OS will be then ported on to the Smartcard controller ASIC. Reader modules along with the necessary firmware and drivers will also be developed. The indigenous Smartcard solution will be tested for multiple applications

ECC Standardization for SCOSTA

In the course of project, the secure dongle will be upgraded to support Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) for PKI support. Also the Draft ECC standard for SCOSTA-PKI will be devloped and submitted to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Collaborators: CDAC Noida